Vowlt is a private emotional memory box.

It keeps safe your thoughts and feelings, away from your own eyes and the eyes of others until you decide to break it.

The Story

It all began with a Thought. At first, it was a glimpse of an idea.It started to grow into words, echoing in the head. Meaningless words.Until they met, held hands and turned into phrases.

In search of a way out

Soon, Thought started to grow and to get stronger. Its voice was clear, no more just a distant echo. It felt as real as a summer rain. It grew wings and started to fly around the Mind. Restless, disturbing, staggering.

Thought was in search of a way out. But the Mind knew it was too peculiar to be let out in the open, seen by others, misunderstood. Still, Thought needed to be free and the Mind needed to be free of Thought. They both needed their freedom.

Thoughts free of burdens

So the Mind created the Vowlt. A memory box where Thought and others like it, along with Emotions or passionate Feelings could exist out of Mind.

As strange as it may sound, the Vowlt was not that kind of safety box which imprisons. Vowlt did just the opposite. By keeping Thoughts and Emotions safe from other’s eyes, away from Mind, they were free to be as they are, in their most accurate form of expression.

They could no longer be judged or altered or committed to reason. Inside the Vowlt, they just existed. And the Mind could be what it was, free of burdens.

Thought entered the Vowlt

So Thought entered the Vowlt and existed there, out of Mind, away from reason and judgments. The Mind felt free to create more Thoughts, more self expressions and released them safely into the Vowlt.

As Thoughts and Emotions were released into the memory box, the Mind kept growing, creating and dreaming as it pleased.


Welcome to the Vowlt Guide. Before you create your Vowlt, let’s take a tour to discover it.

What is Vowlt?

A place where you can lock inside emotions, thoughts, special moments or intense feelings. A way to get things off your chest and put them out of mind.

Create Vowlt

To create your own, unique Vowlt, just give it a Name and set a Cipher. That’s all. No personal data needed.
You can choose to link an email address so you can recover a lost Cipher or get resolution reminders.

Write Thought

Once inside, start writing Thoughts. Images are optional, but words are a must. That’s the whole idea with Thoughts.

Seal it. They will stay out of anyone’s sight. Even yours. You can forget about them, get your heart lighter.

You can see all your Thoughts, though, if you Break the Vowlt. But then you can’t enter new ones anymore.


Vowlt can help you remember things. Turn a thought into a Resolution by setting a due date. We’ll email you a reminder (if you linked an email address).


We would love to know your thoughts about the Vowlt experience. Write to us and we-ll get back to you as fast as you can spell Vowlt backwards.

Our homing pigeons are trained to fly back to office at vowlt dot com.